Skaledale range expands

Late February saw a massive number of new Hornby Skaledale items arrive.

Hornby new items for late February

THE END OF last month saw several large shipments of Hornby 2008 products arriving in stores, including the first examples of the Hornby Skale Autos vehicles, Skaledale Colliery selection of structures, and the Hornby Circus trucks.

The Skaledale buildings and scenic accessories includes some useful items for modern modellers (pictured above) including the modern industrial unit, site office and portacabin, plus litterbins and a telephone kiosk.

R8752 Bungalow
R8755 Big Bins x2
R8756 Jubilee Clock Tower
R8757 Site Office
R8758 St Mary’s Chapel
R8759 Priory Summer House
R8761 Modern Telephone Kiosk
R8762 Litter Bins x4
R8763 Letter Box x2
R8765 Portacabin
R8773 Modern Industrial Unit
R8781 Public Drinking Fountain
R8786 Windmill
R8787 Pill Box

Hornby new items for late February

Several of the new colliery range may have potential for conversion to other buildings, such as water pumping stations etc.

Skaledale Colliery
R8774 Headstock Sub Station
R8775 Upper Shaft House
R8776 Lower Shaft House
R8777 Winding Engine House
R8778 Fan House
R8779 Compressor House
R8780 Blacksmiths
R8854 Fan Drift

Hornby new items for late February

New wagons include the PCA air-braked presflo in Albright & Wilson turquoise, the PGA in ECC Quarries blue and another run of the Barry-branded EWS HAA hopper.

Freight Rolling Stock
R6319B Esso 14 TON Tank Wagon
R6360A WD 20 TON Tank Wagon
R6335A Albright & Wilson PCA Vee Tank Wagon
R6232B Glee Hill Granite Four Tank Plan Wagon
R6344A Barkby Jolliffe & Co Ltd End Tipping Open Wagon
R6345A Colman’s Mustard End Tipping Open Wagon
R6085F BR Ore Wagon
R6222B HAA 32.5T MGR Coal Hopper (weathered finish) x3
R6332 PGA Hoppers – ECC Quarries x3
R6346/A GWR Conflat Wagon & Container

Hornby new items for late February

The new vehicles selection, produced in conjunction with Oxford Diecast includes plenty of transition era cars, lorries and buses.

Skaledale Autos
R7000 Skaledale Gas Works Morris Minor Van
R7001 Post Office Morris Minor Van
R7002 British Railways Morris Minor Van
R7003 Skaledale & District Water Board Morris Minor Van
R7004 Television Rentals Ltd. Morris Minor Van
R7005 Roy’s Window Cleaning – Morris Minor Van
R7006 Thos. Chaney & Sons Butcher Ford Anglia Van
R7007 British Railways Ford Anglia Van
R7008 Faulkner Electrical Ford Anglia Van
R7009 Skale Autos Ford Anglia Van
R7010 Brannick & Wilson Builders Mini Van
R7011 Ready Mixed Concrete Mini Van
R7012 Harold’s Larder Mini Van
R7013 Television Rentals Box Van
R7014 Bridge Street Riding School Horse Box
R7015 W. Briggs & Sons Removals Ltd Pantechnicon
R7016 Fine Foods Super Market Advertising Lorry
R7018 Morris minor Vans x3
R7019 Ford Anglia Vans x3
R7020 Mini Vans x3
R7021 Don’s Taxi Service – Ford Zephyer
R7022 Police Car – Ford Zephyer
R7023 Aswell Taxis – Vauxhall Cresta
R7024 Police Car – Vauxhall Cresta
R7025 Skalais Estates – Humber Super Snipe
R7026 Skaledale Taxis – Humber Super Snipe
R7027 Ford Anglia 105E Saloon Pale Yellow
R7028 Ford Anglia 105E Saloon Pale Blue
R7032 Skale Taxis – TX4 Taxi
R7033 Lincolnshire Roadmaster – Double Decker Bus
R7034 Skaledale & District Bus Co. – Regent Bus
R7035 United District Bus Co. – Routemaster Bus

Skaledale Circus Vehicles
R7036 Generator Lorry
R7037 Lions Truck
R7038 Elephant Box Truck
R7039 Wild Cats Truck
R7040 Giraffe Box
R7041 Ballast Truck
R7042 Candy Floss Ford Anglia Van
R7043 Clown Van Advance Bookings Mini Van
R7044 Long Caravan
R7045 Long Camel Truck
R7046 Circus Booking Office
R7047 Circus Mobile Shop

Hornby Digital
R8247 Points & Accessory Decoder

Prices can be found on Hornby’s website. 


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