Hornby completes 2007 ‘Grid’ line-up

Hornby’s fourth and final ‘Grid’ from last year.

Hornby Class 56 No. 56059

THE LAST OF the 2007 range of Class 56s to be released is EWS maroon and gold livered No. 56059, a Doncaster-built machine (Cat Ref. R2648, RRP £95.00, also available in DCC decoder fitted version, Cat Ref R2648X, priced £110.00).

No. 56059 is the only one of the new ‘Grids’ to exhibit the distinctive ‘Loadhaul’ modified cantrail grilles and the No. 2 end and will thus be much in demand for late privatisation era repaints. The body and cab are generally identical to the later Crewe-constructed examples, thus this loco is suitable for modification, with only minor detailing, to represent any locos from Nos. 56060-135.

Hornby Class 56 No. 56059

The new Type 5 also sports ‘V’ style radio aerials (although the real loco had a ‘T’ version at the No. 2 end) and, sadly, the same poor representation of the original style of headlight (fitted to Nos. 56001-60) as Hornby’s Romanian example.

Hornby Class 56 No. 56059

The only other minor gripe is with the shade of EWS maroon, which looks a little flat and lifeless. Otherwise, this is an excellent addition to the new selection of Class 56s.

See the current issue (REM46) of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller for the full review.


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