Wagons roll for Hornby in 2008

Modellers with a departmental fetish are sure to get a kick out of Hornby’s 2008 plans.

Hornby ‘Shark’ ballast plough brake van

HORNBY’S RECENT TREND towards engineer’s wagons also continues beyond the last couple of year’s bogie ballast hoppers with a total of four all-new departmental vehicles.

A surprise addition to the range in the early part of the year will be a ‘Shark’ ballast plough which demonstrates a great level of finesse with fine metal handrails and interior control wheels.

Hornby ‘Shark’ ballast plough brake van

The model has also been thoughtfully designed with an extra selection of plough attachments so that the fitted parts that accommodate the NEM coupling sockets can be replaced for added authenticity. Loadhaul, CE ‘Dutch’ and EWS liveries are the first to be applied.

Hornby ‘Shark’ ballast plough brake van

The same theme continues later in the year for a new family of wagons using the same or similar underframe components, namely the ZCV ‘Clam’, ZBA ‘Rudd’ and ZCV ‘Tope’ ballast/spoil carrier conversions, all in Civil Engineer’s yellow and grey. This would also suggest that BR 21-ton hoppers (which use the same chassis) are on the cards for 2009 and beyond. Pictures of the new models have not yet been made available.

Other than that it is business as usual with the Hornby wagon range, with new liveries, not always authentic, on the older vehicles, such as the Mendip Rail/Yeoman liveried PGA pictured below.

Hornby Mendip Rail PGA

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