Hornby’s new livery schedule

New paint jobs for the older models in Hornby’s range, while more of the former Lima products make an appearance in the familiar red boxes.

Hornby Class 56s for 2008

WHILE THEY WON’T be grabbing the headlines ahead of the new HST and Class 153 announcements, the ‘quality’ diesel range is to also see some innovation and new colour schemes.

Both a Railfreight Coal ‘Grid’ (56125) and an EWS Class 60 (60048 Eastern) will be offered with a pre-fitted ESU sound unit. The brand new Class 56 will see the release of Loadhaul (Romanian 56003), EWS (56103 Stora) and Railfreight Metals (Doncaster-built 56032 County of South Glamorgan) examples, whilst the Class 60 gets Railfreight Petroleum (60062 Samuel Johnson) and EWS (60029 Clitheroe Castle).

Hornby Class 31s for 2008

Railfreight Construction (31296) and Railfreight red stripe (as a 31105, a ‘Skinhead’ loco) are to feature on the Brush Type 2.

Hornby Class 50s for 2008

The Class 50 sees further large logo (50011 Centurion) and finally, thanks to last minute politicking by this magazine, original Network SouthEast schemes (50048 Dauntless).

Hornby Class 73s for 2008

The Class 73 continues to be pushed in another selection of colourful liveries, gaining a trio of 1980-90s paint jobs, as 73108 in Civil Engineer’s ‘Dutch’, 73129 City of Winchester in NSE revised, and 73204 Stewarts Lane in InterCity executive.

Hornby Class 87s for 2008

Further Lima tooling will be making reappearance in 2008. Foremost in this category is the disc-headcode Class 20 (as D8056 in BR green and 20118 Saltburn by the Sea in Railfreight Red Stripe) and Class 87 locomotives (as 87004 Britannia in BR blue and 87010 King Arthur in InterCity Swallow) which will, of course, be ‘warmed over’ with new motors, handrails and glazing.

Hornby Class 37s for 2008

The refurbished centre-box Class 37 returns in the Railroad range as does the HST and ex-iron ore PTA bogie tippler wagon.

Hornby Class 86s for 2008

Further Hornby 2008 products include the Class 86 as 86259 Les Ross in preserved ‘electric’ blue and a selection of new multiple unit liveries, as follows:

Hornby Class 101s for 2008

The Met-Camm Class 101 DMU as 101xxx in BR green and BR blue/grey and 101692 in Strathclyde PTE blue.

Hornby Class 121s for 2008

The Class 121 DMU gets 55020 in Chiltern Railways blue and 55026 in BR blue/grey, as well as the Class 142 DMU as 142090 in Arriva turquoise/cream.

Hornby Class 156s for 2008

Finally, the Class 156 DMU is given ‘One’ Railway livery as 156416, Northern Rail S&C graphics as 156484 and First ScotRail colours as 156465.


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