Van C is a stunner

Hornby’s new Southern Railway BY sets new standards.


WE HAVEN’T HAD much reason to mention the latest Maunsell range of coaching stock which Hornby has produced this year (which follow on from the Stanier’s released in 2006), so it’s nice to be able to report on the most recent of the range to hit UK shores, the ‘Van C’, or ‘BY’ passenger guards van.

Over 150 of these vehicles were built in the mid-1930s, with and without stoves, being based on a design used for ferry traffic. Successful, the first withdrawals due to redundancy were not made until 1966, with the final ‘BYs’ being withdrawn from mail, parcels and newspaper traffic in 1978. Several made it into department service.

As can be seen from the picture above, the model looks very impressive, with sprung buffers, impressive flush glazing, scale metal handrails and door handles and a high level of underframe detail.

Hornby has released its model in four different numbers in both BR green (Cat Nos. R4306A/B) and Southern Railway Maunsell green (Cat Nos. R4301A/B), with an RRP of £20.00.

For more information, see the SEmG page on these vehicles *here* or Paul Bartlett’s Fotpic site *here*.

Look out for the full review in the Februay issue of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller.


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