SuperGUV returns

Hornby re-releases the former Lima GUV and SuperGUV models.

GUV and SuperGUV

THE LATEST ITEMS from the Italian tooling bank of Lima to make a return, but now in the familiar red Hornby boxes, are the Mk. 1 General Utility Van (GUV) and the rebuilt Railnet ‘spec’ SuperGUV non-passenger carrying coaching stock.

Two liveries make up the initial selection, InterCity Swallow on the standard body with Motorail branding (Cat No. R6354, RRP £15.00) and Rail express systems on the NKA SuperGUV (Cat No. R6355, RRP £15.00). The models are essentially unchanged from their Lima days.

Motorail GUV
Rail express systems SuperGUV

Also new is the Hornby Digital range Select Walkabout (Cat No. R8235, RRP £55.00).

Hornby Digital range Select Walkabout

Hornby’s description says that up to eight of these units can be connected to a single Select or Elite Digital controller allowing for independent management of a further eight locomotives, providing power is available. It is not necessary to connect a power pack to the Walkabout when used in this way.

Hornby Digital range Select Walkabout

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