Class 37/0 makes a comeback

Bachmann’s Class 37/0 loco returns in its 1980-90s form.

Bachmann Class 37/0 Nos. 37035 & 37057 Viking

HAVING INITIALLY BEEN released in its as-built form with bufferbeam cowling, Bachmann has now released its English Electric Type 3 in the condition which most readers will remember, suitable for use from the mid-1980s to the present day.

Four models make up the initial selection, of which No. 37035 in Civil Engineer’s ‘Dutch’ with black TOPS numbers (DCC Ready with 21-pin plug, Cat No. 32-779, RRP £65.15) and No. 37057 in large logo blue with Tinsley unofficial name Viking (DCC Sound, Cat No. 32-781DS, RRP £145.15), are pictured here.

Bachmann Class 37/0 No. 37057 Viking

The major alterations over the previously released Class 37/0 are obviously the cut-away bufferbeam cowls, but less visible is the six-wheel drive which first debuted on the retooled refurbished locos released earlier in 2007, and a new separate nose moulding that plugs into the bodyshell. Correctly, No. 37057 has kept its large round Oleo buffers (sadly, unsprung versions are fitted), although the shanks as modelled are not of the correct pattern.

Unfortunately, being based on the original ’37’ release means that these locos do not come with the opening cab doors and metal wire cab door handrails as fitted to the most recent Class 37/4s.

Bachmann Class 37/0 No. 37057 Viking

Viking also sports a plated boiler exhaust, but Bachmann has overlooked a large footwell on one side of the body that should have been covered over. Finally, there is a question mark over the positioning of the Tinsley ‘Rose’ logo. Photographs suggest that this was carried on one side only (the opposite to that pictured above), but as the depot logo moved position at least once this is difficult to confirm.

Bachmann Class 37/0 No. 37035

‘Dutch’ No. 37035 shows some notable differences over its split headcode stablemate reviewed above, including sprung oval buffers, plated connecting door and steam generator exhaust. It also comes supplied with Bachmann’s rather poor miniature snowploughs. Similar to Viking, this machine should also have received a plated bodyside footwell, this time on both sides, while the former ‘car’ headlight mounting is also missing from the top of the connecting door.

Bachmann Class 37/0 No. 37035

These new Class 37/0s are a long time coming, but are well worth the wait, showing a welcome attention to detail befitting of a class with such a long and much modified history. As Bachmann further refines its EE Type 3, the poor snowploughs, multiple working jumper and other pipework become and ever more obvious eyesore on what is otherwise an excellent product.

The other two planned releases in the first run are split headcode No. 37114 City Of Worcester in original EW&S maroon/gold livery (DCC on board, Cat No. 32-775DC, RRP £76.15) and centre-headcode No. 37239 The Coal Merchants’ Association of Scotland in Railfreight Coal sub-sector livery (DCC Ready with 21-pin plug, Cat No. 32-780, RRP £65.15).

All four locomotive are expect to be in retailers between now and the end of January. Look out for the full review in a future issue of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller magazine.

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