Good news for ‘Grid’ fans

Hornby’s latest Type 5 is expected in the shops soon.

Hornby Class 56

JUST IN TIME for the Warley National Model Railway exhibition at the NEC, the first two examples of Hornby’s all-new Class 56 locomotive have now arrived in the RAIL EXPRESS office.

The two heavy hauling Type 5s both represent BR period machines, as Romanian-built No. 56013 in standard Rail blue (R2645) and and the early BREL (Doncaster) constructed machine No. 56049 in Railfreight red stripe (R2646). Both come DCC ready as standard with an RRP of £95.00. Look out for the review of the Class 56 in the next issue of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller, out on November 22nd.

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Looking at the Romanian example first:

Hornby Class 56 No. 56013

Hornby Class 56 No. 56013

Hornby Class 56 No. 56013

A comparison of the cabs of the two machines. The later more angled BREL version will also be released by Hornby and will be used on its model of No. 56128 and the RAIL EXPRESS limited edition model of No. 56302 in Fastline Freight colours.

Hornby Class 56s Nos. 56013 and 56049

And the Railfreight red-stripe ‘Grid’ on its own:

Hornby Class 56 No. 56049

Hornby Class 56 No. 56049

Hornby Class 56 No. 56049

Two further Class 56 models are planned by Hornby for release this year, No. 56128 in Trainload Coal livery (R2647) and No. 56059 in EWS maroon and gold (R2648), both RRP £95.00. All four ‘Grids’ will also be produced in DCC fitted as standard versions (with an X after the catalogue number), RRP £110.00.


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