New Dapol Class 66s

Two new low emissions EMD Type 5s are released by Dapol.

Dapol Class 66s

THE LATEST PAIRING of Class 66 locomotives to emerge from the Welsh factory of Dapol represent Freightliner’s Bardon customer liveried No. 66623 and FirstGBRf/Metronet No. 666720 Metronet Pathfinder.

Both utilise Dapol’s five-door low-emissions style body tooling and retail at £79.95. Notably, Dapol has correctly modelled the revised style of light cluster (Bemac Type 2) found on the Bardon blue machine (ND-068), while the Metronet locomotive (ND-078a) sports the version with the large and small light housings.

Dapol Class 66s

Both models are DCC-ready from standard, with an NEM 651, six-pin socket fitted to the circuit board, and solder tabs represented for those that wish to ‘hard wire’ their own choice of DCC chip.

Dapol Class 66s

Dapol will also be producing Metronet liveried No. 66719 Metroland (ND-074b).

Also new are two reliveries for the six-wheel milk tank wagon; IMS blue/black and Co-Operative Wholesale Society ‘Pure New Milk’ red/black. RRP is £12.99.

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