Stoney Lane Depot

A compact slice of South London in ‘N’.

Grahame Hedge's Stoney Lane Depot

FOLLOWING ON FROM his excellent Hedges Hill Cutting project, Grahame Hedges has gone one better with his latest layout Stoney Lane Depot.

Set in the 1980s, it represents a more central London theme and is obviously inspired by the viaduct level lines that dominate just south of the Thames, with a touch of Stewarts Lane TMD thrown in to increase operational interest.

Grahame has attempted a more finescale feel with the new layout, while as per Hedges Hill, the structure modelling is again of the highest quality.

Grahame Hedge's Stoney Lane Depot

The full story of this fascinating ‘N’ gauge project can be found in REM42.

Photographs by Philip Sutton.

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