Farish relaunches PGA hopper

New wagons from Graham Farish by Bachmann.

Graham Farish wagons

FIVE NEW ‘N’ gauge wagons in the Graham Farish by Bachmann range have arrived in the REM office. Four of these represent the two-axle PGA aggregate hopper in a range of old and new colours schemes, while the other is the two-axle 24-tonne MFA open box wagon.

Graham Farish wagons

The PGAs are as follows: Redland green (373-028B, priced £7.10), ECC Quarries blue (373-031A, priced £7.30), Yeoman grey (373-035B, priced £7.10), and Railease white (373-036B, priced £7.10).Meanwhile, the following liveries are planned for release: B.I.S. white (373-029A, priced £7.45), Lafarge white (373-033A, priced £7.30), Arc/Caib mustard (373-037B, priced £7.10), and Tarmac khaki (weathered) (373-038A, priced £7.45).

Graham Farish wagons

Only one colour scheme is being produced for the MFA, the former Railfreight Coal dark grey with yellow ends (373-877B, priced £7.25).

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