Back in time for ViTrains Class 37

The Italian manufacturer backdates its EE Type 3.

ViTrains 37131

FOLLOWING THE SUCCESS of its Class 37/4, ready-to-run firm ViTrains has returned the model to unrefurbished condition and produced the Class 37/0 locomotive.

The first product to be released in this new version is No. 37131, a centre headcode machine in standard BR Rail blue (V2037, limited to just 1,000 pieces), while a second livery will see No. 37156 produced in Civil Engineer’s ‘Dutch’ grey and yellow livery with British Steel Hunterston name (V2026). RRP is £59.95.

ViTrains 37427

ViTrains hasn’t ditched the ETH-fitted version of the locomotive, and also new is Class 37/4 No. 37427 with unofficial Bont-Y-Bermo painted name (V2019), while next month should see No. 37421 Strombidae released, which wears Railfreight Petroleum sub sector colours (V2022). RRP is again £59.95.


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