New issue: REM40 July 2007

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller issue No. 40REM40: D&E modelling done right

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News: Heljan reveals paint diagrams for forthcoming Class 58 and ‘Falcon’ locos. Bachmann’s ‘big push’ before Christmas will see Class 37s and 66s released. Hornby rereleases the former Lima Class 66.
Reviews: Bachmann’s brand new Class 47 is given the in-depth treatment, while the firm’s new VAA/VBA and TEA wagons are also covered. In ‘N’, we cover Farish’s Class 04, 60 and new wagons, and Dapol’s ‘low-emissions’ Class 66.
Features: Going nuclear – Our Modeller’s guide article takes a look at the secret world of nuclear rail movements and includes extensive wagon photography, train formations and an internationally-registered flask wagon drawing.
Others: Barrowmore MRG turn their attention towards the BRCW Class 104s.


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