Return of the ‘Shed’

Hornby releases ex Lima Class 66.

Hornby Class 66

THE LATEST EX-LIMA locomotive to reappear in the Hornby range is the General Motors Class 66. As per previous releases based on the former Italian-made products, modifications are minimal and mainly relate to the new five-pole skew wound motor bogie, replacing the previously fitted ‘pancake’.

The first Class 66 to be made available is GB Railfreight’s No. 66709 in Medite customer colours and named Joseph Arnold Davies (Cat No. R2650). Also due in the shops are EWS liveried No. 66042 (Cat No. R2651) and GBRf ‘Bluebird’ No. 66702 Blue Lightning (Cat No. R2652). RRP is £65.00.

Hornby Class 66

Look out for the review in the next issue of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller.


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