Dapol launches ‘low emissions’ 66

New Class 66 model arrives from Dapol.

Dapol GBRf Class 66/7

IT’S BEEN A great summer for ‘N’ gauge modellers, and this has been further re-inforced with the arrival of Dapol’s revised ‘low emissions’ Class 66. The first to be made available is the FirstGBRf ‘Barbie’ liveried machine, numbered as 66723 (Cat No. ND-074a) and 66727 (Cat No. ND-074b). RRP is £79.95.

Dapol has correctly modelled the extra door on one side of the body, the revised side cab windows, and off centre enlarged roof grille. The locos also have the distinction of being Dapol’s first DCC Ready Class 66 releases, and they sport a 6-pin NEM 651 socket. Only 250 of each number will be produced.

Dapol GBRf Class 66/7

Freightliner (end of July), Direct Rail Services (August), Metronet (end of August), Bardon Aggregates (September) liveries are also planned.

Also new are replacement Class 66 bogie frames that have been completely retooled. These are available from Dapol as spare parts to replace those on earlier versions of it’s ‘Shed’ (Cat No. NBog3 x one pair, priced £4.95).

They feature such details as air suspension gaskets, TPWS moulding, earthing straps from the frame to the axle boxes and a closed gap between the back of the bogie frame and the fuel tank and battery box.

Dapol Class 66 bogies

Look out for the full review in the next issue of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller magazine.

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