TEA is on the way

Bachmann’s 100-tonner is sure to make a splash.

Bachmann TEA bogie tanker

TIME TO THROW away your ancient Hornby bogie tankers, as Bachmann’s much anticipated TEA 100-tonner is an imminent release in shops. Three liveries are planned for the first batch, Shell grey (Cat No. 38-110), BP green (Cat No. 38-111, pictured here) and BP grey (Cat No. 38-112). RRP is £20.35.

Like the TTA released a couple of years ago, the specification of the new bogie tank wagon is fairly basic, with moulded plastic ladders, walkways and underframe parts, although some metal grabs are fitted. However, compared to previous attempts at these vehicles from other manufacturers over the years, the new TEA is a massive improvement.

The BP green vehicle pictured here is numbered BPO 87887 and continues Bachmann’s strategy of numbering wagons after rolling stock illustrated on Wagons on the Web!

Bachmann TEA bogie tanker

Look out for the full review in the next issue of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller.

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