Drewry impresses in ‘N’

The latest products from Graham Farish.

Graham Farish by Bachmann

DUE IN THE shops shortly in the fast growing Graham Farish by Bachmann ‘N’ gauge is the diminutive Drewry Class 04 0-6-0DM shunter, which will be available as D2280 in BR green (371-050) and D2258 in BR blue (371-051), both with yellow/black wasp stripes.

Graham Farish by Bachmann

Rolling stock wise, amongst the glut of new releases which includes the TTAs, OBAs and POAs, are a Mk. 1 Gangwayed Brake/Full Brake (BG) in BR blue/grey livery with revised running number of M80871 (374-025B) and PCA presflo in Lafarge/Blue Circle plain grey as BCC10821 (373-076B).

Graham Farish by Bachmann


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