DCC sound for EE Type 1

Bachmann’s blue ’20’ debuts in sound-fitted form.

Bachmann Class 20

THE LATEST R-T-R locomotive from Bachmann to gain an upgraded chassis with DCC on-board sound is the centre-headcode Class 20. Catalogue No. 32-043DS represents BR blue-liveried No. 20129, the second of the EE Type 1s to be fitted with a four-character headcode box, replacing the discs of the earlier locos.

The Toton shedcode (incorrectly printed as TN – it should be TO) places this machine in the last five years of its BR career from 1985-90. RRP is £133.85.

This is the second DCC sound fitted ‘Chopper’; it follows the green-liveried disc-fitted machine released at the end of 2006.

Bachmann Class 20

Look out for the full review in the next issue of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller.

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