Bachmann’s ETH ’37’ appears

Ty Hafan is Bachmann’s latest EE Type 3.

Bachmann 37411

FOLLOWING HOT ON the heels of Bachmann’s Transrail-liveried Class 37/5 No. 37672 made available last month (see review in REM39) comes electric train heat-fitted sister machine No. 37411 in EWS maroon/gold colours (Cat. No. 32-381). The ’37/4′ is the first standard DC (DCC Ready) ‘Tractor’ to be produced in the retooled bodyshell.

The model sees a number of differences compared to No.37672, not least the ETH jumper on the nose ends, which is also new over original releases of the Class 37/4. The grille configuration is also difference, correctly representing the style of nose and cantrail grilles fitted to the 31 ETH-fitted ‘Series 3’ machines. RRP is £65.15.

Bachmann 37411

Look out for the full review in the next issue of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller.


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