Triple-grey ’37s’ from ViTrains

Construction and Transrail are new from the Italian firm.

ViTrains Class 37/4s

THE CLASS 37/4s keep coming from Italian manufacturer ViTrains; the range now totalling nine examples. The two latest releases represent No. 37429 Eisteddfod Genedlaethol in Railfreight Construction livery (Cat. No. 2023) and No. 37430 Cwmbran in Transrail ‘Big T’ colours (Cat. No. 2024). RRP is £59.95.

As per the previous Class 37/4s produced, livery application is excellent and the models run very well. The Transrail example makes for an interesting comparison with Bachmann’s slightly fudged effort.

Pictures of the two releases can be found below:

ViTrains Class 37/4s

ViTrains Class 37/4s


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