More Lyddle End

Another bumper month for Hornby’s ‘N’ buildings range.

Lyddle End

‘N’ GAUGE MODELLERS have good reason to rejoice again as Hornby has released another large number of items in its ‘Lyddle End’ ‘N’ gauge buildings and scenic accessories range. Again, the selection on offer mirrors that available in the 4mm scale series.

The new products are as follows:

N8570 Railway Bridge
N8571 Road Over Bridge
N8572 Canal Bridge
N8573 Canal Bridge Ramps
N8574 Canal Bridge and Ramp Adaptors
N8575 Coal Drop including Steps and Stage
N8576 Coal Drop Base and Overshoot
N8577 Coal Drop Ramps
N8644 Canal Lock
N8648 Canal Straight
N8649 Canal Bend
N8650 Top of Lock Adapter
N8651 Bottom of Lock Adapter
N8654 Lock Keepers Cottage
N8655 Lock Side Stores/Workshop
N8656 Canal Boat
N8686 Builders Yard Accessories
N8691 Rear Extension Building
N8692 “Craft Corner” Courtyard Building
N8693 “Brett Fabrics” Courtyard Building
N8694 Busby’s Hair Salon
N8697 Cement Hopper Gantry
N8698 Normoyle Folly
N8699 Ruins Castle Corners
N8702 Brick Retain Walls Slope – Pack 1
N8703 Bakers Shop
N8704 Wilkinson’s Florist
N8706 Brick Retain Walls Slope – Pack 2
N8707 Brick Retain Walls Slope – Pack 3
N8708 Loading Chute
N8709 Fuel Oil Tanks
N8710 Discharge Pipes
N8711 Cement Hopper
N8712 Coal Hopper
N8715 Sleeper Style Embankments
N8723 Embankment Steps
N8724 Ruins Castle Walling
N8725 Ruins Castle Joints
N8726 Ruins Castle Tower
N8728 Brick Retain Walls Slope – Pack 4
N8729 Brick Retain Walls Level – Pack 1
N8730 Brick Retain Walls Level – Pack 2
N8731 Brick Retain Walls Level – Pack 3
N8732 Ground Frame
N8746 Canal Boat
N8747 Electricity Sub Station


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