Intermediates are here

First three ‘Pendolino’ centre vehicles arrive.

‘Pendolino’ centre vehicles

MARGATE-BASED MODEL maker Hornby has released the first intermediate coaches for its Virgin Trains Class 390 ‘Pendolino’ model, these being intended to augment the train pack or train set to allow prototypical eight or nine-coach formations to be modelled.

‘Pendolino’ centre vehicles

In the shops now are: R4271 Pantograph Trailer Standard Buffet (PTRBS – No. 69812), R4272 Trailer Standard (TS – No. 68812) and R4274A Motor Standard B (MSB – No. 69712). Still awaited are R4273 Motor First A and R4272B Motor Standard A. RRP on all three releases is £25.00 each.

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