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The Lyddle End range sees numerous new additions.

Lyddle End Gasworks

JUNE HAS BEEN A bumper month for Hornby’s ‘Lyddle End’ buildings and scenic accessories range, with no fewer than 28 new additions to this popular selection of items. Basically scaled down versions of the 4mm Skaledale series, there are many items of use to diesel and electric era modellers or that can be adapted for a modern setting.

They are as follows:

N8687 Bay Terrace House – Left Hand
N8688 Bay Terrace House – Right Hand
N8689 Bay Terraced Garden Wall (corners) x2
N8690 Bay Terraced Garden Wall (T sections) x2
N8695 Lytch Gate
N8696 Police Box
N8700 St Andrew’s Church
N8701 Country Police Station
N8705 The Saracen’s Head Pub
N8713 Main Terminus Building
N8714 Terminus Offices x2
N8716 Upper Lyddle End Main Building
N8717 Upper Lyddle End Waiting Room
N8718 Lower Lyddle End Shelter
N8719 Lower Lyddle End Waiting Room
N8720 Lower Lyddle End Office
N8721 Platform Signal Box – Wood
N8727 Skale Oil Petrol Station
N8737 Gasworks: Small Gasholder
N8738 Gasworks: Retort House & Chimney
N8739 Gasworks: Boiler House
N8740 Gasworks: Tower Condenser & Washer
N8741 Gasworks: Purifiers
N8742 Gasworks: Office & Gate
N8743 Gasworks: Stores
N8744 Gasworks: Straight Walls x3
N8745 Gasworks: Corners x2

Also new in the 4mm scale Skaledale selection is:

R8744 Straight Walls x3

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