Eurostar returns

Hot on the heels of the ‘Pendolino’ is the ‘Eurostar’.


TWO NEW ITEMS that are of interest to D&E era modellers are now available from Hornby. R1071 Eurostar ‘OO’ train set (DCC ready) sees the striking 4mm scale Class 373 make a return in a pack that includes powered and dummy driving cars and two passenger saloons, power track, buffer stops, train controller, wall mounted power supply, 1800x1200mm Trakmat, a starter oval of track and track packs A & B. RRP is £110.00.

Sleeper in First Caledonian livery

Also out now is R4307, the ex-Lima Mk. 3 sleeper, which is now produced in First Caledonian Sleeper colours, with the number 10523. Price is £20.00

Finally, pre-nationalisation railway fans might be interested in the third of the N15 ‘King Arthur’ 4-6-0 steam locomotives to hit the shops. Representing No. 736 Excalibur in Southern Railway green (R2580), it sports a RRP of £93.50.

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