Cooking on gas

New Skaledale buildings and other Hornby items.

Caledonian Sleeper

THE PAST FEW weeks have seen further new releases from Hornby. On the coaching stock front, the Mk. 3 sleeper is re-released in ScotRail Caledonian Sleeper colours, the first release having proved immensely popular. This new edition, R4283A, is given a new running number of 10529 RRP (£20.00). At the opposite end of the scale, in both size and era, the ex Lima Mk. 1 CCT makes another appearance, this time in lined BR maroon R6364, RRP (£9.50)

Also released are a series of Skaledale scenic items, these combining to form an impressive gasworks, which, as it is modular in nature, can be adapted to suit a given space. The items now available are:

New Skaledale buildings

R8737 Small Gasholder £21.00
R8738 Retort House with Chimney £15.00
R8739 Boiler Room £9.50
R8740 Condenser Tower & Washer £10.00
R8741 Purifiers £12.00
R8742 Office & Gate £9.50
R8743 Stores Building £10.00
R8744 Straight Walls x3 £8.50
R8745 Corner Walls x2 £6.75

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