‘Pendolino’ DCC set is out

Two Hornby train sets arrive, including a prestigious ‘Pendolino’ package.

Hornby 'Pendolino' train set

MARKING THE SECOND phase of Hornby’s ‘Pendolino’ release schedule, the R1076 Digital Train Set is now in the shops. Featuring a four car Class 390 unit, No. 390012 Virgin Star (disappointingly featuring the same number as the R2467x Trainpack) it comprises of DMRFO, MFO, PTFO & DMSO vehicles. Full details of the train’s specification can be found in REM’s earlier post on the subject, see here.

In addition to the ‘Pendolino’, the train set also includes a basic oval of track and Trackpacks A and B (R8221/2), TrakMat (1800x1200mm), Hornby Select digital controller/wall-mounted transformer (R8213). The entire package is priced £160.

Also now available is the R1070 Goods Master starter train set, which features Hornby’s ‘Class 06’ 0-4-0 diesel shunter locomotive, a brake van and three assorted open wagons, as well as a ‘midi’ TrakMat (1600x1280mm), starter oval track, DC power pack, train controller and wall-mounted transformer.


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