Skaledale assortment

Hornby Skaledale range

RELEASED JUST IN time for the Alexandra Palace Model Railway Show is a large quantity of Hornby Skaledale buildings and scenic accessories. This popular resin-based range sees over 20 new items made available, listed below, and includes several that will be of interest to diesel and electric era modellers.

Hornby Skaledale range

The new items are as follows:

R8687 Bay terrace house – left hand
R8688 Bay terrace house – right hand
R8689 Bay terrace garden wall corners x2
R8690 Bay terrace garden wall T sections x2
R8691 Rear extension
R8692 Courtyard building – Craft Corner
R8693 Courtyard building – Brett Fabrics
R8694 Busby’s Hair Salon
R8695 Lytch gate
R8696 Police box
R8697 Hopper gantry
R8698 Normoyle Folly
R8699 Ruins castle tower
R8700 St Andrew’s church
R8701 Country police station
R8702 Retaining walls – slope 1
R8703 Teesdale Bakery
R8704 Wilkinson’s Florists shop
R8705 The Saracen’s Head pub
R8706 Retaining walls – slope 2
R8707 Retaining walls – slope 3
R8708 Loading chute
R8710 Discharge pipes
R8711 Cement hopper
R8715 Sleeper style embankments
R8722 Coal drop including steps and ramp
R8724 Ruins castle corners x3
R8725 Ruins castle walling x3
R8726 Ruins castle wall joints x2
R8727 Skale Oil petrol station
R8728 Retaining walls – slope 4
R8729 Retaining walls – level 1
R8730 Retaining walls – level 2
R8731 Retaining walls – level 3
R8732 Ground frame
R8733 Coal drop ramp 1
R8734 Coal drop ramp 2
R8735 Coal drop shed base
R8747 Electricity sub-station

Hornby Skaledale range

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