Hornby ‘Pendolino’ breaks cover

A SIGNIFICANT NEW release from Hornby is the Class 390 ‘Pendolino’ model which the company sees as the ‘HST of the future’. Originally slated for Christmas launch, the models are now hitting the trade in time for the Easter exhibition frenzy. These images illustrate the new model which is being made available as a four-car DCC-fitted train in the £100 Trainpack (R2467x) and the £160 Trainset (R1076). It has directional LED lighting and tilts when travelling around curved track formations by virtue of profiled bogie pivots.

Hornby Pendolino

The vehicles have plastic chassis with fine panel work. Although less than substantial, they form a rigid base when clipped to the bodyshell mouldings which include good looking flush-fitted tinted glazing. The livery application is superb with a realistic metallic silver finish and plenty of detail tampo printing.

The trainpack represents set No. 390012 Virgin Star and comprises the DMRFO, MFO, PTFO & DMSO vehicles. The driving vehicles are fitted with DCC decoders to also control the lighting, whilst traction is provided by a self-contained motor bogie (a small can motor driving through worm reduction gearing to two axles) that forms the rear bogie of the leading vehicle. A non-working but scale-sized plastic pantograph is fitted.

Hornby Pendolino

As REM has previously reported, the model is specified to a budget price, offering very good value for money for a DCC fitted product. It is intended to appeal both to the newcomer and the more experienced modeller (when the remaining intermediate vehicles are introduced) and provides plenty of scope for further detailing and slight weathering to enhance the many panel lines and bolt holes on the roof and underframe.

Hornby Pendolino Hornby Pendolino
Hornby Pendolino Hornby Pendolino
Hornby Pendolino Hornby Pendolino
Hornby Pendolino Hornby Pendolino
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See RAIL EXPRESS Modeller’s full review in issue No. 37 (FREE with RAIL EXPRESS No. 132) out on April 19th.


3 Responses to Hornby ‘Pendolino’ breaks cover

  1. Russell Benton says:

    Is there a non DCC version. Would like one but if they are all DCC they will be no use to me!


  2. Adam Warr says:

    I’m told that this model runs very sweetly on normal DC control as well as with DCC.

  3. JP Buckley says:

    Yes, R2467 is a separate release without the decoders – and this will follow in due course.


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